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I married my husband in 2008 after living together for 9 years. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made! Now as an ordained officiant, I am able to relate to the magical experience. It is a honor over and over again. I have great times meeting really neat people in the process too, and that is always fun.” -Jabela

I love 'LOVE'! I am a wife, mom and very creative soul looking to help more houses become HOMES! Since  2008, I have been serving as a guide from the vows and beyond. I take great pride in creating vows that set a tone that helps the couple really hear and reflect on life as they’re taking them. I want the couple and the guests to remember the service and what was said — and not just remember the bride’s dress and the cake,
Please contact me today to discuss your wedding plans. It will be one of the easiest conversations you ever have. Let's solemnize you! 
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More and more couples are looking to get wed in a more non-traditional manner. Whether engaged couples are getting married at resorts, hotels, backyards or in the outdoors, they are in search of a more personal ceremony which reflects their unique relationship as well as their shared beliefs and values. The couple may have different religious or cultural backgrounds yet share a common spirituality. Because of this, the demand for independent, non-denominational wedding ministers is growing.

I am a non-traditional wedding officiant. I was ordained by the  Universal Life Church Monastery

North Carolina Marriage Code say marriage laws are primarily directed by Article 1 of Chapter 51 of North Carolina's general statutes, which defines the persons authorized to perform a marriage in the State of North Carolina. This includes ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church.